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  1. Hi,
    What’s the leed time for sofa bed ? Not sure when we getting the keys for house so just wondering if we orderer and pay would you be able to hold until we are ready to move in?

    1. Hi, we require a deposit on the day of the order, the rest is to be paid on the day of delivery (lead time up to 12 weeks). We don’t do finance, kind regards.

  2. Hi I love my mini vento but need to sand my floors …is it possible to unassenble it to move it ?

  3. Hello,

    I like your products.
    Can you please tell me are you delivering corner sofa bed to New Ross ?

    Thank you.

  4. Hello,

    I living in Bridgwater, UK, and I would like to know if you do delivery in UK?

    I like your Cyprus sofa bed.


  5. I have a vento mini in a very small room , I think I it came in two pieces , can it be unassembled as I need to move it to sand my floors? Thanks !

  6. Hi,

    Can you help me please? Is the Lori mini 225cm x 150cm or 225cm x 210cm when extend to a sofa bed? The measurements are confusing me in the picture, thank you

  7. Hi there, are there any alternative options to the metal (silver) legs showing on the Amico Open sofa bed? Many thanks, D

  8. Hi wondering how soft can the sofa bed sofa come in.
    We are looking for a sofa bed corner sofa and it can’t be too hard as my partner has a chronic pain condition affecting his pelvis . Looking for a left corner side sofa bed that can be soft to sit on and lie on .any suggestions. ?
    What material can we get to make it soft for him to sit on if we buy from your shop
    Yours faithfully
    Ruth kelleher

    1. Hello, it’s subjective, I’d recommend visiting the showroom and checking for yourself if it’s soft enough, material samples are also available in store, kind regards.

    1. Hello, we require a small deposit on the day of the order, then the rest is to be paid on the delivery (up to 12 weeks lead time if made to order, sooner if from stock). Kind regards

    1. Hello, we’ve shown prices for furniture made in regular fabric, excluding delivery service charge. Extra charge applies for easy-clean materials +20-30% depending on the fabric chosen. Delivery service charge depends on Customers location, an estimate is shown underneath each product. Kind regards.

  9. Can the rosy Xl come in a velvet material and forestgreen colour, do ye do footstools to match

  10. Hi, what colour can the sofas come in? I was looking at the moira one but would like to see what other colours are available as options

    1. Hi, it can be done in any colour, all the available colours and fabrics can be viewed in store. Kind regards

    1. Dzien dobry, nie ma mozliwosci zrobienia takiego naroznika 180x100cm. Proponuje dwojke, bez funkcji spania AMICO 2 o dlugosci 183 i glebokosci 87cm. Pozdrawiam.

  11. Hi, I am interested in VENETO MINI but it is still too big for my room, would you be able to customize it? I can do max length 215cm long, other parameters are ok and I can be flexible with them as well. Thank you, Justyna

    1. Hi, our smallest corner with a sleeping function is 225cm. I recommend ROSY 3 sofa bed 216 x 105 (pull-out bed extending to 195cm), if you have other questions please contact me 0871002655. Kind regqrds

  12. Hello, what colours do you have for BORELLO Original the corner sofa bed? Thank you in advance

    1. Hi, all furniture is made to order in any colour you like, all material samples available in store, kind regards

  13. Do you still have the Amelia l shaped sofa. I saw it in the store a few weeks ago but don’t see it online. Thanks

    1. Hi, we never had sofa called Amelia, are you sure you have the right name/store? Kind regards

  14. Could you please advice what sofa materials in your store are scratch resistant? We have cats so need some tight weave fabric that will survive scratching.

    1. Hello, we have some pet-friendly fabrics that are more durable and easy-clean but they are not indestructible if pet scratches compulsively, more details in store, kind regards

    1. Hello, we don’t deal with second-hand furniture but we can dispose of it for you, charge depends on the size of the furniture and location, for an estimate please call 0871002655. Kind regards

  15. Hi,
    I understand you have a selection of fabrics and colors available in your showroom. Can you please provide the names of fabrics you use? I’m interested in SOLE corner sofa bed.
    Thank you,

    1. Hello, we offer an EXTENSIVE range of different fabrics, please visit us in store for all the names. Kind regards

  16. Hello, a friend of ours mentioned you can custom made the selected sofa bed using “cat resistant” materials/fabrics? Is that correct? Is that for all the models or only for some specific sofas? Thank you

    1. Hello, we have a selection of “pet-friendly” materials, please note they are not indestructible if for example your pet scratches material/digs cushions compulsively but they are definitely more durable and easier to clean than regular fabrics. Any sofa can be made in any material. Kind regards

  17. Hi,
    I was wondering would it be possible to make Nova Open sofa in size 325x205cm? Are there catalogue of fabrics available to see and would you send few samples?

    Thank you.

    Ivana S.

    1. Hello, we don’t sell over the phone or online so our materials are only available for viewing in the store. Regarding the made to order size please contact me directly 0871002655. Kind regards

    1. Hi, we have at least one size of any model on display at all times, if you’re looking for any particular sofa, please let me know so I can confirm we have it on the floor. We are based in Coolock, D5, you can type in ‘ ‘ into google maps, we have the location pinned down. Please note that if you go by the address it will send you somewhere else as the business park units are not recognisable by gps. Any troubles finding us please call 0871002655 and I’ll give directions, kind regards.

  18. Hi. I would like to order sofa bed GENOA Open €1,249.00 in 2 colours ( white faux leather bottom and armrest, and light grey top).
    How long before delivered to Dublin.

    1. Hello, standard colourway for Genoa is one colour/material all over and second colour/material in the armrest pocket only. Two-tone colourway would be special order so please contact us 0871002655 or visit store to discuss all details. Kind regards

  19. Hi Jake – just a quick question. Can you ship to Italy? I’m stuggling to find a decent sofa for my little place there.

  20. Hi I’m interested in the Rosy U Shape sofa bed. How long for delivery & do you deliver to Kerry ?

    1. Hello, at the moment lead time is up to 12 weeks, could be sooner if we have stock available. Please give us a call 0871002655 with address details to make sure delivery is possible. Kind regards

  21. Hi there,
    Just wondering about payment options- do you accept monthly instalments or do we pay in full upfront?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hello, we require a deposit upfront, on a medium-sized suite it is 200-400. The remainder is to be paid on delivery (lead time up to 12 weeks). Weekly or monthly instalments are accepted, last instalment will have to be paid before or on the day of delivery. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions please call 0871002655. Kind regards

    1. Hello, currently we have no 321 available in this style. Any suite can be made without the sleeping function (no price difference). Kind regards

  22. Good afternoon!
    I’m interested to know more information about the sofa bed ” AMICO OPEN”.
    Do you have it in stock? Which material is it made of? Faux Leather or fabric?
    Do you deliver to Dublin 15? And how much is the delivery, please?
    And can you take the old sofa?

    1. Hello, our furniture is made to order and can be made in any material/fabric. Yes, we deliver in Dublin, delivery service price is available on the product page. We can dispose of an old sofa for you. Cost of disposal depends on the size of the sofa, for an estimate visit us in store or call 0871002655. Kind regards

    1. Hello, all available materials can be viewed in store, for a delivery service estimate please contact 0871002655, kind regards

  23. Hi
    I would like to visit your showroom, have you available all those sofas like at the page are?
    What times and when is open showroom?



    I would like to know if we can build our own bed?.

    We would like to build a seperable bunk bed, where the top is the regular bunk size but the buttom would be the small double sized bed. And both can be individualized if we decide to use seperately.

  25. I wanted to ask about the bed Genoa Original as in the picture, I wanted to find out what other stain-resistant materials or eco-leather are available. Will the price change when the material is changed and what is the deadline for making the sofa?

    1. Hello, the photos are only an example. All sofas are made to order and they can be done in any colour, any fabric. A huge range of samples are available in store. Regular materials, including standard eco-leather are included in price. There is a surcharge for water-repellent and easy-clean materials, including premium easy-clean eco-leather. Lead time depends on customer’s location so for more info on that please contact me directly 087 100 26 55. Kind regards

    1. Hello, movable backrest in this design moves back and forth and only changes the depth of the seat, it does not recline. Kind regards

  26. I’m interested In the Rayoma U 360cm lenght the wider side being on the right in grey with delux clean material can you tell me how much this would be thankyou

    1. Hello, yes, depending on the model sofas usually come in two or three parts that need to be assembled.

  27. Hi There,

    I am interested in Astra mini corner sofa. Could you advise please how long it will take if i want it in a beige colour and if you can deliver to Westmeath?

    Many thanks!

  28. Hi,
    Are you open for business at the moment? What working hours? Does it require appointment?
    If not, when will you open?

    1. Hello, opening hours are on the main page, business as usual, no appointment needed. Monday-Saturday 10:30-5:30 and Sundays/Bank Hols 12-5pm, kind regards

    1. Hello, no we don’t but once the deposit is paid, sofa can be paid for in installments. The last installment is to be paid before or on the day of delivery. I hope this helps, kind regards. Jake

  29. hi, just checking if you are open tomorrow, Friday. is there a delivery charge? Aisling Clarke

    1. Hello Aisling, sorry for late reply. Opening hours are shown on the main page. Monday-Saturday 10:30-5:30, Sundays 12-5, Bank holidays 12-5. Delivery service charge depends on Customer’s location. You can find all the details in the ‘Delivery’ tab. Please give us a call if there’s anything else I can help with. Kind regards, Jake 087 100 26 55

    2. Can I ask, how working with payments?
      what is the deposit price fro 1600 prise sofa, and what is weekly installments after this.thanks

    1. Hello Pam, easy-clean fabrics are available at 20% surcharge, deluxe easy-clean at 30% surcharge. Kind regards, Jake


    Is it posible to get sofa bed left hand side on the picture is right hand side only

    1. Hello Priya, our furniture is made to order in a shape and material of your choice. Once it is made it cannot be returned. In the showroom you are able to test the sofa and see if it is suitable for you. You can also view all the available materials and colours in real life. There are many more available than we posted on the website. These are the reasons why we strongly recommend visiting the showroom. If for some reason you are unable to schedule a visit, please call me directly. I will do my best to help you choose the right sofa remotely. Although, I still hope you can make it! We are open 7 days a week: Monday-Saturday 10:30-5:30 pm and Sundays/Bank Holidays 12-5 pm. I will confirm Easter opening hours shortly. Kind regards, Jake 087 100 26 55

  31. Raymond Renaghan


    Will you be getting the Marlo 3 triple bunk bed back in stock anytime soon?


    1. Hello Raymond, what colour would you be interested in? Could you message or call me directly, please? I will let you know all the details. Kind regards, Jake 087 100 26 55

  32. Hi looking for sofa bed small size . With 1.60 or 1.80 cm pls ? Do u have any small size sofa bed. Thkss

    1. Hi Jimmy, have a look at “CHANTEL 2” this 2 seater can be done as a sofa bed. Dimensions 180cm x 91cm, sleeping area 200cm x 130 cm. As a sofa bed it’s €749 in regular fabric. Easy-clean fabrics are also available – surcharge applies. Delivery service estimates can be found on the product page, depending on your location.

      We currently have a “CHANTEL MINI” on display in our showroom, which is just a bigger version of the 2 seater. You are very welcome to come in and take a look. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help. Kind regards, Jake 087 100 2655

    1. Hello Esther, we recommend you have a look at the following: Rosy XL 286 x 256 cm, Ramona Lounger 306 x 190 cm or Genoa Original extended by one seat 280 x 255 cm. They can be made to order left or right side facing in any fabric and colour. Material samples can be found in our showroom. If you have any other queries do not hesitate to call Jake 087 100 26 55. Kind regards

  33. Hi Jake
    Is the Tommy triple bunk bed available to view on your showroom floor ?
    Is the final length on the bunk bed 200cm – we only have 200cm space to fit bed into
    Many thanks

    1. Hello Lynn, it was just sold from display but is coming back again very shortly. An alternative would be “ALLY” which is still available for viewing. Both bunks are same length and quality. Tommy is slightly taller (gap between top and bottom bunk) and has a different headboard. If you have any other questions/need help with measurements pls call mobile 087 100 26 55 it will be easier and faster to explain:) kind regards Jake

  34. Hi, do you have a right hand corner sofa for measurements 190 width & 230 length (Long end)? Thanks Elaine

    1. Hello Elaine, sofa beds “Sole Mini” or “Vincent” would be closest to your dimensions. If you can go up to 240cm also check “Amico Mini”. They all can be done left or right side facing. If you have any other questions please contact me directly 087 100 26 55, kind regrds Jake

    1. Hello Seamus, few designs are available as one seaters, see ‘sofas, chairs, pouffes’ section. Any of them can be done in matching fabric. Kind regards

    1. Hello Vijay, please go to the main page and scroll down. There is a map with our address and pinned location. Kind Regards.

  35. Hi just wondering can you make any of these sofas……..not as a sofa bed and if so are they cheaper?

    1. Hi Carol,

      Some of them can be made without the bed function. Not all of the though, so first i would need to know which one are you interested in. They would be up to 100e cheaper.
      You can call me at 0871002655 for a quick info,

      Kind Regards,

  36. Hi, do you have an actually shop/showroom to seat on these sofas to see if they are comfortable? I am looking at niagara corner sofa bed. Is it available in leather? Would prefer fabric but its for a playroom.
    Thanks Sinead.

    1. Hi Sinead,

      Thank You for the inquiry,

      We do have a showroom its in Coolock. There is a map at the bottom of the main page. If you have google maps just type in ‘’ and it will take you to it.
      As for the fabric we do have a selection of EASY CLEAN fabrics so that would be an option for you. They a little bit more expensive but not that much and they are definitely stronger than the leatherette.
      Niagara sofa bed is on display:)

      Please text or call us before coming to the showroom to make sure someone is there to advise you,


    1. Hi,

      It generally takes 3-4 weeks to make them, but with a Christmas rush You really need to order this week for me to guarantee the delivery before Xmas.
      We will have some corner sofas in stock for ‘sofa emergency’ but if you want to pick your own then hurry up:)


  37. We make sofas in any colour or fabric from the swatches provided online. We have even more swatches in our showroom in coolock,

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