Rosy XL

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Sofa bed ROSY XL key features:

  • Pull out bed
  • Bedding drawer
  • Adjustable headrests
  • Classic design
  • Wide range of colours and fabrics
  • Other sizes available – ROSY

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Sofa bed ROSY XL is a staple piece of furniture. It is a large corner with sturdy yet inviting exterior. Broad seats, wide armrests and profiled backrests allow you to sit or lie down comfortably. It is equipped with extendable guest sleeping area, a handy bedding drawer and adjustable headrests. To finish it off, it is delicately decorated with functional seat stitching and plain, chrome-like legs. Sofa bed ROSY XL can be made left or right side facing. Sofa ROSY is also available in other sizes – ROSY.

ROSY XL layout options:
1. Two-tone using two different fabrics with contrasting or similar colours, eg. Dark leatherette bottom + Light fabric top.
2. Any fabric, one colour all over.

Note: Easy-clean fabrics are available at extra charge.

Sofa bed ROSY XL by

Sofa bed ROSY XL by

DISCLAIMER: Please bear in mind that due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, material samples shown below may appear different on different screens. For technological reasons variations in colour shades are also possible. To see these and many more fabrics available please visit us in store!

REGULAR FABRICS: EG. BALATON, INARI, CAYENNE: Balaton – Structural fabric, hard wearing; BALATON - regular fabric - Inari – High quality, durable; INARI - regular fabric - INARI - regular fabric - CAYENNE – artificial leather, not recommended on seats (please see easy-clean range if you are looking for a stain resistant material that is as easy to upkeep as faux leather but much more resistant); EASY-CLEAN FABRICS (SURCHARGE): EG. ASPEN, NOVEL, MILTON: Aspen – water repellent, soft in touch, long yarns, sheen finish;ASPEN - easy-clean fabric - Novel – water repellent, soft in touch, knitted, flat finish;NOVEL - easy-clean fabric - Milton – water repellent, extremely durable, long yarns;MILTON - easy-clean fabric -

Unless we have it in stock, our sofa beds are made to order. Please allow anywhere from 3-8 weeks delivery time which depends on peak seasons and delivery destination. Please Call Jake 0871002655 before placing an order to check stock availability and estimated delivery time.

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